Innovation can be messy, but your life doesn’t have to be.

I’m Jesse Rivas

I’m a creativity consultant, coach, and author who helps creatives generate more ideas, break free from limiting beliefs, and excel in their personal and professional lives.

What I offer 

Destiny Discovery

– Increase clarity around who you are uniquely called to be.

– Identify your life theme, passion, purpose.

– Develop actionable steps to achieve your destiny.


Book Development

Brainstorming plot, characters, and overall structure.

– Identify key writing tips to increase quality and performance.

Build attainable writing goals and accountability to keep you moving forward.

Success Acceleration

Overcome lies that you may believe.

Face the fears in your life that may be holding you back.

Create practical structures so you can live fully alive. 


Jesse was incredible to work with! He helped me take my ideas for my first book and turn them into a cohesive structure. His advice and insights kept me on track and encouraged me along the way.

Tyler Wedell

Author of "The Pursuit of Purpose"

Jesse is not only encouraging but well-trained and experienced in his craft.  His skill, specific questions, and “big-picture perspective” helped Susan and me zero in on our Passionate and Distinct Message.

Paul and Susan Kummer

Pastors at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Really excited to work with you – our first meeting shifted my mindset and the wheels are spinning.

Kelly Manieri

Talent Leader, Deloitte Consulting GPS

Jesse has a wonderful way of understanding the author’s goals for their books. He provides input that challenges the author to never stray from those goals but flourishes within them. He brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the art of storytelling.

Jason Lee

Author of "The Hunt for Good Neighbor"

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